Public Schools

Brighton Central School District
The mission of the Brighton Central School District is to realize the high aspirations our community has for its children. We expect all students to achieve their full potential for personal development, educational success, and lifelong learning. We are committed to equipping students with knowledge, values, and skills that will enrich their lives and enable them to become responsible, contributing citizens of a changing global community. Vision: The mission of the Brighton Central School District provides a view of the destination for all students. The vision is an outgrowth of the mission and describes the conditions which will exist to ensure the mission is achieved.

Brockport Central School District
The mission of the Brockport Central School is to provide a supportive and creative learning environment which chal­lenges all our students to achieve excellence as a way of life. We will encourage our students to become lifelong learners and independent thinkers who accept and appreciate individual differences. We will empower our students to reach their maximum potential with values, skills and knowledge necessary to function in a complex global and technological society. We will engage the students, their families and the community in this endeavor.

Churchville-Chili Central School District
Our goals will be communicated to our staff, our students, and our community in a variety of ways. They will be measured with data, with special emphasis on our state assessments, an area in need of progress. Through teaching and learning, increase current achievement on Local/State/Federal assessments incrementally, striving for mastery and 100% Gradu­ation., Develop within our school community responsible, well rounded, goal oriented graduates who strive to be life-long learners., Sustain a safe school environment, incorporating both prevention of and zero tolerance for harmful behavior., Communicate with stakeholders, emphasizing quality and service., Promote cost effectiveness; develop and manage a budget that provides a quality education in a fiscally responsible manner., Provide quality facilities that are well main­tained., Integrate technology resources to enhance instruction, and to improve communication and efficiency.

East Irondequoit Central School District
The East Irondequoit Central School District will be the destination of choice for families that place the highest value on education and student achievement, as measured by our ability to perform with the best districts in Monroe County.

East Rochester Central School District
The East Rochester School District will help students develop the abilities, attitudes, and values necessary for responsible citizenship. It’s our mission, along with the community, and with respect for tradition and vision, to provide an environment where all students will successfully reach their academic, artistic, physical, vocational, and social potential as lifelong learners. Students will be taught, using the highest quality instruction, in a developmentally appropriate manner. Instruc­tion will recognize each student’s strengths, talents, interests, learning style, and rate of learning.

Fairport Central School District
HIGH academic standards and continuous improvement are the hallmarks of the Fairport School District. This commit­ment to excellence can be seen in the district’s educational vision and student-centered philosophy of teaching and learn­ing. Fairport faculty and staff believe in the application of knowledge and provide a variety of experiences for students through differentiated instructional and assessment methods. Commitment and quality are evident in the focus on helping students develop their potential.

Gananda Central Schools (Walworth)
Gananda is a unique place where the community rallies to embrace and support each student, strives to attain the highest professional and ethical standards with a goal to provide students with the knowledge, skills and desire to make respon­sible life choices, and to inspire them to reach their dreams.

Gates-Chili Central School District
Our mission, Each day we create the right conditions for learning, must be addressed through a shared vision that is based on the belief that we must establish healthy and caring relationships with every student we serve, as well as with staff, parents and the community at large. The content we teach must be relevant to the learner and rigorous in its expectations. Driven by values that guide decision-making and behavior expectations for everyone: “The Spartan Way”: Respect, Responsibility, Compassion and Hard Work.

Greece Central School District
Our students will demonstrate the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in future education and employ­ment endeavors by experiencing relevant, challenging, well organized curricula, supported by learning environments, and educational technology that foster high academic achievement and commitment to life-long learning. Our professional development program will build skills and capacities for improvement through comprehensive and ongoing professional development activities which focus on the schools’ and District’s goals for improvement. Sound and practical professional development programs are a link to establishing good instructional practices that enhance the knowledge of curriculum content and design.

Hilton Central School District
The Hilton School District is committed to each student’s success academically, physically, emotionally, and socially so that they become self-directed, life-long learners who think critically and creatively and function as caring, responsible, productive citizens.

Honeoye Falls- Lima Central School District
Mission:The Honeoye Falls-Lima School Community is committed to producing graduates who value themselves and oth­ers, attain their highest level of achievement, contribute to the community, and succeed in a changing world; as reflected by our district exit level standards. Vision: The Honeoye Falls-Lima School District’s collective curiosity, energy, enthu­siasm and dedication drive our daily pursuit of excellence. As a centerpiece in the community, we will provide a caring, respectful, and educationally challenging environment that values and listens to its members. With our community, we will create a learning organization that provides a world-class education for our students.

Monroe BOCES #1
Mission: Monroe #1 Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), an extension of its component school districts, exists to educate and provide services which support education for individuals, infants through adults, in the BOCES community in order to provide them the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. BOCES will do this in a caring and cost effective manner. Vision: Collaboration, innovation, communication, and leadership will propel Monroe #1 BOCES through the 21st century. We, of this BOCES, will work with each other and the community to anticipate education needs and cre­ate the opportunity for all individuals to reach personal success.

Palmyra Macedon Central Schools
The Palmyra-Macedon School District, as part of the community, will empower all students to acquire the skills, attitudes, and abilities to achieve a responsible, productive, and fulfilling life in our changing world.

Penfield Central School District
Mission: In the Penfield Central School District, we are all learners who work collaboratively in an environment of educa­tional excellence, providing experiences that develop the individual and diverse talents and abilities of all our students to prepare them for successful lives as life-long scholars and contributing, responsible citizens. Vision: Penfield Schools will be communities of learners, places where all participants, students, staff, parents and community are engaged in learn­ing and teaching in an environment of respectful communication. Our schools will be places where students discover and adults rediscover the joys, challenges and satisfactions of learning.

Pittsford Central School District
“As an educational leader with uncompromising commitment and passion for excellence, Pittsford Central Schools will deliver quality programs and services that maximize each child’s academic performance and personal development, and provide for their future success.” Pittsford Schools have long been recognized as among the top school districts in the county, state and nation. A key factor in the ability of Pittsford

Rochester City School District
The mission of the Rochester City School District is to educate each student to the highest levels of academic perfor­mance and to foster each student’s social and emotional development. We partner with families, caregivers, and the Rochester community to prepare students to meet or exceed standards and to become lifelong learners, productive mem­bers of the workforce, and responsible, contributing citizens.

Rush-Henrietta Central School District
Mission: To foster the intellectual and personal development of Rush-Henrietta’s students and to prepare them for respon­sible citizenship, productive employment, and life-long learning in a global community. Vision of Excellence: The Rush- Henrietta Central School District will be a learning community characterized by the following interdependent values: • Safe and caring learning environments • An unwavering focus on student learning • A culture of collaboration • A commitment to continuous improvement

Spencerport Central School District
Our Mission is to educate and inspire each student to love learning, pursue excellence and use knowledge, skills and at­titudes to contribute respectfully and confidently to an ever-changing global community.

Victor Central School District
Our mission… To Teach, To Learn, To Support, To Improve, To Achieve! Committed to providing a strong foundation for the children of our community. A foundation rich in educational resources will nurture our children as they strive to become tomorrow’s leaders.. Based on the NYS learning standards, the curriculum in the Victor schools is designed to introduce as well as reinforce concepts for success in the classroom and for life after the Victor schools. By providing a variety of instructional styles and placement options, the Victor schools can focus on meeting the unique needs of each student. As each child strives toward the attainment of his or her individual potential, our staff is available to provide encourage­ment and support. Along the way, students are prepared to set and meet high standards while gaining the knowledge and personal characteristics needed to become productive citizens.

Webster Central School District

West Irondequoit Central School District
The West Irondequoit Central School District accepts responsibility to ensure continuous intellectual, social, and personal growth for all students so that each will become a life-long learner and productive world citizen. The WICSD environment will be one that stimulates and supports continuous growth through caring interaction and collaboration among students, educators, parents, higher education, industry, and other community groups. Each student will demonstrate progressive development of the knowledge, skills, and values needed to function effectively in a complex and changing world.

Wheatland-Chili Central School District
Schooling is more than cultivating the mind and body. It also develops character, pro social behavior, and civic competen­cies. School is a place where students have the opportunity to witness and practice civility, caring, compassion, and trust. School is one of the few community institutions that brings all young people together as a community of learners. The merging of the academic and character strands in education prepares students for the world of work, for lifelong learning, and citizenship.

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