Private Schools

Allendale Columbia
At Allendale Columbia, our students develop a life-long enthusiasm for learning. They are motivated to accept challenges, to take risks, and to think independently. Their talents are discovered and developed in a safe, nurturing atmosphere. Our students excel academically in an environment that emphasizes structure and disciplined work habits. Their social and athletic development is strengthened by positive reinforcement and a strong sense of community. As a result, they excel both in and out of the classroom. Allendale Columbia students acquire the wisdom, confidence and curiosity that will help them succeed well beyond their years at our campus.

Aquinas Institute
Vision: Bishop Kearney High School is a vibrant community dedicated to providing an environment in which high academic expectations, spirituality, and a strong sense of Catholic community enhance the education of the whole person. Mission: The mission of Bishop Kearney High School is to empower young men and women to reach their full potential – academically, spiritually, and socially – by providing a college preparatory, values-based Catholic education in a student-centered family atmosphere, in keeping with the tradition of the Christian Brothers and the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Charles Finney
Mission: The Charles Finney School educates kindergarten through twelfth grade students spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically in a Christian, college-preparatory environment that fosters growth in character, compassion, wisdom, and creativity. Vision: The Charles Finney School is a Christian school educating and fostering excellence in character and academic achievement, equipping each student for the fulfillment of God’s plan and purpose.

Cobblestone School
Cobblestone School is a leader in child-centered education. It is a model of current best teaching practices to promote each student’s unique intellectual, social, and emotional growth. The school leaves intact and fosters each child’s innate love of learning and curiosity about the world. Small classes allow the teachers to challenge each child to grow into his or her potential while participating as an active member of a learning community. Cobblestone School nurtures life-long habits of mind and heart to develop in each student the inner resources for success in academic pursuits and in life.

Hillel School
Hillel Community Day School’s mission, as a community day school, is to offer the highest quality general and Jewish education possible for children of the Greater Rochester Jewish community. Emphasis is on providing a foundation that will give students the basis for going forward as knowledgeable and committed Jews. Hillel Community Day School is sincerely committed to imbuing its students with a traditional, ethical and moral outlook on life and developing in them positive feelings and attitudes towards the values of Judaism.

McQuaid Jesuit High School (Boys)
“McQuaid Jesuit is committed to fostering the harmonious development of a young man’s God-given talents: spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally and aesthetically. While preparing him for further education, his life’s work and social interaction, McQuaid Jesuit reaches beyond these goals to produce a growing love of learning and enthusiasm for life that will enable him to meet ever-changing challenges. All involved with McQuaid work to achieve this development by personal concern for each student, competitive educational programs, distinctive Jesuit spirit and a formative sense of community. This is done in the hope that its academically select graduates will become “Men for Others,” dedicated to serving God and humanity and guided by a profound sense of justice.”

Our Lady of Mercy High School (Girls)
Our Lady of Mercy High School is the largest all-women’s Catholic secondary school in the Rochester, New York area. Established in 1928, by the Sisters of Mercy of Rochester, and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools and the University of the State of New York, Mercy’s goal is to foster spiritual, personal and social growth as well as intellectual development in its students. Young women at Mercy are encouraged to become independent, to acquire a broad vision and to heighten their concern for all persons. Mercy High School’s mission is to bring together young women from diverse ethnic, racial and economic situations. Beginning in grade seven and continuing through grade twelve, our young women are given an education designed to emphasize the positive roles of women in today’s society.

Montessori School
At the Montessori School of Rochester (MSR), we offer an alternative to day care, public school or private school ages 16 months through grade 3. Our program is based on the educational principles put forth by Dr. Montessori 100 years ago based on years of observation of the universal characteristics of children at different stages of development. We offer the children a “prepared environment” rich in opportunities to construct learning experiences at their own pace. They will develop their senses, their awareness of the world around them, their ability to care for themselves, for their environment, and for others. Most importantly, their natural drives toward independence, movement and self-mastery will be nurtured, and their spirit will be celebrated.

Norman Howard
The Norman Howard School (NHS) fosters the academic growth of students with learning disabilities while promoting their development as respectful, responsible, resilient citizens. The school advances the understanding of learning disabilities and serves as a resource for the community. The Norman Howard School (NHS) is an independent day school for students with learning disabilities. Located at 275 Pinnacle Rd. in Henrietta, the Norman Howard School provides individualized instruction to students with learning disabilities in grades 5 – 12. Students from 40 different school districts in ten counties attend NHS.

Rochester School for the Deaf
RSD’s team of professionals focuses on providing a strong foundation for the educational, social, and emotional growth of deaf and hard-of-hearing children from birth to age 21. Our educators and evaluators work closely with families, school districts, and social service practitioners to assure the success of every student we serve. Rochester School for the Deaf is entrusted, empowered, and funded to provide and enhance the educational and life growth experiences in an optimal environment for children and students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Trinity Montessori School
The mission of Trinity Montessori School, Inc. is to educate the whole child in an enriched environment in accordance with the American Montessori philosophy. Out goal is the development of each child’s full potential as a peaceful world citizen with a lifelong love of learning.

Rochester Area Private Schools The Greater Rochester Association of Private Schools is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of private education. Our organization is focused on serving as a valuable community resource and providing support to our members. This is a link to a list of more Private Schools.

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